You Will Know Them by Their Works

The Austrian military officer and mathematician, Andreas von Riedel, died in Paris on February 15th, 1837 at the age of 89 and was buried in the 8th Division of Montparnasse Cemetery. His friend, the architect Henri Labrouste (1801–1879), would take on the design of his tomb monument, the plan of which is shown here. Labrouste would … Continue reading You Will Know Them by Their Works


Cookies for the Dead

Man dies to live, and lives to die no more...until then, we eat cookies. During an afternoon digging around the archives at Duke University, I came across this peculiar advertisement for funeral biscuits. Imploring the reader to prepare for death, the ad suggests that one's funerary arrangements simply cannot be complete without Hick's biscuits. Joseph … Continue reading Cookies for the Dead